Ways To Attract New Patients To Your Practice

Even if you have newly opened your practice or have been operating for years, the need for new patients will never cease. Your business will succeed as long as you spread the word out and attract new customers. Usually in a successful practice, a dentist will see 25-50 new patients every month. For this, the practice should offer a quality service at a competitive price, to ensure that you do better than your competitors. So here are a few ways you can spread the word.


Patient referral bonus system
This is a common yet the most effective way to attract new patients. Rather than you advertising your own service, people tend to respond better to customer referrals. For this, you need to build a good rapport with your existing customers and encourage them to recommend your practice to others. You can introduce a referral bonus scheme where the person who recommended the practice will get a bonus at his next visit. This way, your existing customers will be encouraged to recommend you. Also, inform your employees on how to improve their service provided so that a high quality product can be given.

Identify your target audience
You need to target the women since they usually take informed decisions regarding the family. Mothers will look for child-friendly dentists and this need to be showcased from your logo itself. Marketing for women can complex and different and hence you need to hire a professional dental marketing agency who knows how to capture them. Women make decisions after considering a lot of information and hence your agency should be readily available to answer any questions and supply the necessary.

Offer to beat your competition
Customers compare your services with others and hence to attract them, you need to show how you are better than your competitors. You can reduce the price or offer a better quality service for the same price. Also, give what your customer needs. They usually request weekend or afterschool appointments. Use your team of dentists to create a schedule so that a larger number of them are available at those peak times. Moreover, hire quality staff. People will return if your staff is friendly, kind and does his or her job perfectly. Talk to your healthcare marketing services team and they will be able to tell you what needs to be done to stay ahead of your competitors.

Patient reviews and web presence
Even after your existing patient recommends you, they will most probably look you online and if you don’t have an attractive website, you might lose them. So, keep it clean, clear and informative. Also, encourage your patients to enter good reviews online.